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Dr. David Vicena DC

Nutritional Wellness

We offer natural solutions for healthy safe weight reduction.

Cold Laser Therapy

We provide gentle light force spinal alignment with Activator & Impluse Instruments for fast accurate pain relief.

What we offer you

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Web sites for more information on laser & Chiropractic methods

Exercise Therapy

Laser stands for Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Cold Laser  works on a cellular level to increase circulation & healing. It is FDA approved & is very safe. Benefits include reduced inflammation, tissue repair & fast pain relief.

Activator Method www.activator.com

Cold laser www.Erchonia.com

Weight loss


Chiropractic Services

Super Absorbing Nutritional Supplements for Brain: Sleeping:Energy: Multiple Vitamin: Inflammation. www.zen.vasayo.comyour paragraph here.

Impluse Method www.Neuromechaniacal.com

We offer the highest quality nutritional supplements to help speed up healing & increase your overall wellness.

We review with patients exercises to help strengthen & correct their unique problems. Specific exercises & stretches can help you body stay in balance & at peak performance.